Family Violence Indicator

Safety is a priority. If you or your child is a victim of domestic violence, ask that a family violence indicator be placed on your case when applying for child support services through the Office of the Attorney General. If you access the application online, make sure you do it from a safe computer, such as a computer at the library or a trusted friend’s house. You can ask for the indicator at any point in the process.

A family violence indicator will let the child support staff know that your situation involves family violence. Your case will be scheduled for court rather than for a negotiation conference with the other parent in an OAG office. In court, the judge will be asked to make a finding whether your case qualifies for family violence protections, such as not requiring the exchange of your personal contact information, including your address, with the other parent; and not including it on printed court documents given to the other parent. At court, efforts will be made to keep you and the other parent apart. If the court finds that family violence did occur, the court may alter parenting time orders for safety.

Click here to watch a video on child support information for family violence survivors: Stay Safe, Get Support