Possession and Access / Parenting Time / Visitation

Possession is the court’s word for parenting time. Many call it visitation, parenting time, or possession. The possession order may be a temporary or final court order, authorized by Texas law, that sets out the minimum amount of time the child spends with mom and dad. The order may be included in your Decree of Divorce, or if you were not married, a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR–“Sapsir”) Order.

“Possession” of your child means you can see the child in person and decide where the child goes.   It is your time with your child.

“Access” means that you can interact with your child by phone, text messages or by Face Time, Skype, or other social media. You also can attend your child’s extracurricular activities and have access to your child’s school or medical and dental records.