Non-custodial parent

Child Support

What is Child Support? Child support is money that one parent pays to the other parent in order to provide for the child’s needs, such as food, clothing, school supplies, housing, daycare, or activities. For more information, visit the Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division. View an introductory video about the child … Read more >

Parenting Plan (Possession or Visitation Order)

This legal document, also called the possession or visitation order, sets out the minimum amount of time the child spends with mom and dad. The order is authorized by the Texas Family Code, Section 153.311.

Warm-up visitation

Warm-up visitation plans are used to help children get to know or become reacquainted with a parent they may not have seen for a long time. Warm-up time may be supervised by a close relative or friend that the child knows well and can turn to for encouragement. Supervised visitation centers also may provide this … Read more >