I don’t want the child to see one or both birth parents anymore, even though the court order gives them visitation rights.

The current court order continues until the judge approves a modification. All parties under a court order are required to follow the order. Failure to follow the order, with certain exceptions, can result in contempt of the court’s order, and the punishment could include fines and jail time. If the parent shows up for visitation and is intoxicated or showing other signs of danger, call the police and report the incident.

If you and the parents are having a disagreement, see if the parties will voluntarily go to mediation or ask the court to order all parties into mediation. Read more about mediation here: Mediation and Mediation Alternatives.

Your next step may be to seek a protective order and modification of the current order to a more restrictive schedule. Talk to an attorney about your options, call the Access and Visitation hotline, or visit www.texaslawhelp.org for do-it-yourself forms.