What Should I Do After I Enter Prison To Let My Children Know I Still Love Them?

Do everything you can to let your children know you care for and are committed to them. Use the suggestions below to learn how to protect your children from problems with the court system or with the other parent.

Incarcerated parents may be able to write letters to a child, and perhaps telephone the child, if permitted. The custodial parent has the option to say no to either form of contact, unless the court order says otherwise. If telephone or letter contact is not mentioned in the court order, it is suggested that you check with the other parent about the possibility of writing or telephoning the children, and get approval from him or her before you do it. Ask the law librarian about the facility’s rules for mailing letters to children.

If you are allowed to contact with the custodial parent, you are more likely to have his or her contact information once you are released. If possible, take parenting classes and communication classes and let the other parent know that you are working toward being a better parent and a better co-parent. Parenting is hard and many parents take classes to learn about parenting, even when apart from their children or the other parent.