I’m not listed in the court order. Do I have any rights to see the child?

Texas does not give automatic rights to extended family members, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, stepparents, or other relatives.

Unless you go to court and get a judge to give you rights, you do not have any legal right to visit with a child who is not your biological child. This does not mean you cannot see the child, but it does mean that you must get the permission from one of the parents to do so.

During court-ordered parenting time, the parent with possession decides who can spend time with the child.

Are you a grandparent?

Under rare circumstances, grandparents can obtain a court order to visit grandchildren over the objection of the parents.

First, attempt mediation. Mediation with a professional neutral third party can keep the focus on the child and future relationships, rather than rehashing the past. Mediation can keep things on track, even when dealing with highly emotional issues.

For links to mediators, go to:
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Most judges order everyone into mediation before court intervention. Contact an attorney for more information.