What rights are divided between the parents?

There are certain rights given exclusively to the parent with whom the child primarily lives, or the custodial parent or the primary joint conservator. These rights are to:

  1. establish the primary residence of the child; and
  2. receive child support on the child’s behalf.

These are some rights the parents may agree to share or the court may decide that only one parent has the rights below (usually the custodial parent). These include the right to:

  1. Consent to medical, dental, and surgical treatment involving invasive procedures;
  2. Consent to psychiatric and psychological treatment of the child;
  3. Represent the child in legal action and to make other decisions of substantial
    legal significance concerning the child;
  4. Consent to marriage and to enlistment in the armed forces;
  5. Make decisions concerning the child’s education;
  6. The services and earnings of the child;
  7. Act as an agent of the child’s estate if any action is required by federal or state law (unless a guardian has been appointed to take care of the child’s estate).

Read your order closely to see which decisions you have the right to make.

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